Drawer File Cabinet Central Lock

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L(19.00) x W(24.00) x H(30.00) Inch

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"Made of 0.7 & 0.8mm thick high quality cold rolled Mild Steel. All surface of Mild Steel are mig welded, chemically de-rusted and zinc phosphate coated with oven backed heated powder paint finish that confirms anti rust, shiny color and longevity. Drawers are sates on high quality (smooth running MS channel) Fixed Welded C Channel, PVC Handle, and High quality central locking system. All complete by Shearing Machine, Notching Machine, Automatic Sheet Bending Machine, Mig Welding Machine etc. Top bit of the file cabinet 32(w) mm. Drawer handle PVC 140x 75mm. Lower bit of cabinet 90 (w)mm. Drawer front 425x 300 mm.MS Sheet, PVC Handle, Best Quality Lock.Zinc Phosphate powder coating & heat paint finished.One year warranty for any manufacturing fault.